About Me

Remember the lesson in high school english class when you read The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost?    You know the poem about the two roads in the woods and Frost goes through a decision making process to select a path.  In the end he chooses the road less traveled, and it apparently “made all the difference.”    Our teacher explained that if you always take the same path everyone else does, you could end up with a pretty boring life. This lesson resonated with me.  My two older brothers went to Central Catholic high school and played football.  I went to the public high school, chose springboard diving for a sport and was involved in theater and music. By the time my HR career got going, I was married, started a family – and we got busy with four kids in the first six years.   My days of risk taking were in serious jeopardy.   Firmly planted on the road well traveled.

But one day a crazy thought occurred to me. I might know enough about recruiting technology to start a consulting business and get off of  the corporate hamster wheel.  I was fully prepared for my wife to say “are you crazy?” – but she said “ok – sounds good”.   Apparently the choice of two roads will present itself so long as you are paying attention.

Starting and growing The Newman Group was an adventure that I will cherish forever.  I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with some amazing people, clients and employees a like.  The road less traveled became part of our philosophy. We had a saying “sometimes it’s better to zig while everyone else zags.”

Eventually I agreed to sell the Newman Group to Korn/Ferry so that we could scale the business well beyond my means (not sure if this was a zig or a zag). My role evolved into a business unit executive running an operation double in size.  Throughout the entire journey, I always viewed myself as an HR Practitioner, only now I have a whole different perspective. Running a P&L will do that to you.  Somewhere along the way I transformed into a business leader, the same customer I used to support as an HR Manager.

This blog is dedicated to the business leader inside of every HR Practitioner in hopes that it will inspire more to choose the path less traveled.


  • Denni Oravec

    Ed, it takes a brave person to make the decisions you have all along your career, you have been successful all along the way. In my book family always comes first and my guess is that you will be giving those kids memories that will last them a lifetime, not just your own kids, but the others you touch through coaching. I look forward to reading more of your blogs, and wish you the best as you sort out where the next road will take you.

  • beautifully done, you have always been a good partner and friend. I am sort of on the same trip, let’s talk when you are ready ok?

  • Cheri Hanson

    Ed, good for you, and for your family. I’m glad you’re looking for some options where you have better work/life balance. No one regrets missing a work meeting, but great plenty regret missing time with their kids–going to their events, or just being there when they need your time.

    “It doesn’t matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was.”
    — Anne Sexton

    While you explore your next options, have fun coaching!

  • Rob Bialk


    The pressures of business are similar to coaching a major college football team… I see you as a Bill Cowher, Urban Meyer and Jon Gruden of HCM. Whether it is in the booth or getting back on the sidelines in 6-months or after a year. I look forward to sharing the journey and you will always have my endorsement.

    How lucky for your kids and diving team to have your passion and wisdom.

    Rob Bialk

  • Rob Dromgoole

    Congrats Ed, I love the work the Newman Group has done. I’ll watch your blog. Great content and I live vicariously through folks like you who take the bold steps.

    Signed: Man on corporate hamster wheel

  • Great choice, Ed and sending your wishes for the very best. A traveler, not long you stood, on a new road! Life is an adventure!

    Best wishes as you drop your landing gear!


  • Ed, It’s been great to watch your accomplishments and successes over the past 8 years I’ve known you. You’ll be missed in the recruitment industry (“Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.” Al Pacino in Godfather III). Enjoy the family time! And call me later for great and crappy ideas for your next adventure!! -Jeff

  • Ed – Congratulations on some awesome achievements in successfully building an growing a business. It’s a tough thing to build a self-funded business from scratch, and what you were able to do in building, growing, selling, and then continuing to grow the business is awesome. Enjoy the family time!

  • Bill Riggins

    Ed- Since I’ve known you, your achievements have been remarkable and well deserved. You’ve worked and traveled hard. Can’t wait to see what you do and accomplish in the next decade. Maybe in your free time you can think of some niche use for the digital pen. Just found a couple leftovers we can use for demos! Thanks for all your guidance and friendship.

  • Deb

    Ed, your road less travelled has always been an adventure and I’m grateful to have been even a small part of it. There have been some incredible successes and unforgettable memories! I can’t wait to see where your road leads you next. In the meantime enjoy being home with the family and coaching.

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  • Well said Ed, you have a way with the written word. Wishing you the best on whatever road you choose! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  • Ed,
    Love the blog! Nothing like Brando to get the point across. Starting up the dog walking business was such a very sharp zag for me, but it was the best thing I ever did. Now that you have a bit more free time, how about dinner and a few beers one time soon? Good luck buddy.

  • Steve LaMotta

    Thanks for the update Ed and agree with all others about your charactoer and accomplishments. I’ll always be grateful for the “save” you provided me in San Diego 😉

    In the mean time, I was speaking with a CEO recently who took off from work for 3 weeks (well kinda)…only access to the workld was occasional email but no calls, meetings, etc. to clear his head and come back refreshed with new ideas and perspectives. He is now going to require a minimum 2 week subbatical for all his execs to not worry about business and think about life, family, read some books and whatever else comes to mind…it takes at least a week to clear the cobwebs from your memory banks before even getting close to refreshing yourself. It spurs innovation and new thinking…and with you taking 3-6-or however many months off – I can’t wait to hear of the path you are preparing to take next!

    All the best to you and the family – Steve

  • Good Luck with your new endeavors Ed! I look forward to watching things go in a new direction for you!

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  • Derek Beebe

    Ed, congrats on making the move. It will be fun to see which road you end up taking. While you are deciding, enjoy coaching – one of the most rewarding (and frustrating) challenges anyone can take on.

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  • Pablo Arteaga

    Newms, great blog!!! you were always a road less travelled kind of guy and its always served you well, trust in that fact and it’ll all work out great in the end….

  • Pablo Arteaga

    would love to see you, I work in Stamford now so I’m always around… let me know when you come up

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  • Josh Akers

    As you know, i’m not one to kiss ass. BUT

    There aren’t too many people who I call ” a hero”…but please know you are one of them/mine.
    Sometimes there is solace to be found in those who have taken a leap of faith…maybe a step-back to gain perspective…I do, especially, when I can’t take one myself.

    Rest assured, that the work that you have done has had an impact…has created hundreds of jobs, bettered processes and has changed many lives. Likewise, the work you are doing is teaching us all what is important. Further, the work you will do (whatever you decide) will surely make a difference.

    Stories told over stiff drinks are surely to come for us.


  • Just found your blog. I’m intrigued by your journey and look forward to reading as you find your way down the next less traveled path. Trish

  • Paul Marchand

    Congrats Ed — you are doing what we all hope to do…be successful and then jump off the tread mill of corp. america and spend time where it matters — family and loved ones — long before we are “out of it” :) All thebest  paul Marchand 

  • Ray Schiel

    Awesome story Ed! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I liked your article on being a good customer. Wd you like to appear as a guest on The Recruiting Animal Show? Let me know @animal or via recruitinganimal@gmail.com — Is your name on this page — What about a link to your Twitter page? Do you have one?

  • Hi Ed!
    I see you are going to be speaking at HR Tech, would love to catch up with you if you promise not to make me too jealous about your current job!
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  • Jacques Bossonney

    Ed, congratulations on your new move. I did not know. I received your article about The Right Thing and ADP from a colleague of mine at Kenexa and I share your cautionary perspective. It will remain to be seen how quickly ADP can adjust to the world of RPO which is somehow different than Payroll.They are a formidable force regardless and this is good news for the industry overall. Let me know if you do come to Europe and congratulations again

  • I love the zigging when others are zagging and the conversation with your wife. So great that she was on board. I did the similar thing when I sold everything, put everything in storage, and now we’re on our careercation. I just didn’t want to conform and wait until we’re retired to create amazing shared experiences with my young family.

    And everyone who I know who has done something similar – no one regrets it. We’re trying to blog regularly at niufamily.org for our friends, family, and our daughter. She’s only 1 and won’t remember anything, so hopefully this will be a gift to her when she’s older.

  • Mike Brode

    Hey, Ed. Hope all is well….

    I wish I had come across your contact info via an event other than Tom B’s passing but I’d love to catch up. Not sure if you are still in the area but, regardless, give me a holler and maybe we can grab lunch one of these days or, worst case, schedule a call to chat…would love to reconnect, been a long time….

    Feel free to ping me at michaelsbrode@gmail.com if interested, stay well….



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